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I decided I needed a masterlist, just to keep things organized, so here we go! Most of the NC-17 fics are locked at [livejournal.com profile] deathnibbler_ff to protect me from the LJ nazis, so if you want to read those, you'll have to join the community. Sorry! D:

I think I've forgotten a few things, but I'll obviously be updating this every time I write something new, so I'm sure I'll get it all sorted out eventually.

Harry Potter


Anything but Boyfriends
G. It's not easy to ask Draco Malfoy a simple question, especially when that question can lead to potential embarrassment.

The Line
G. Some things never change.

PG. In the middle of the night, Draco thinks about what is, and what might be.

Silent Dawn
R. What happens to a soul when it gets stolen by a Dementor? Ron searches for answers and learns the darkest depths of pain and, most importantly, the true meaning of love.

Stay Awhile
NC-17. There's only one good way to pass the time at the Ministry of Magic.

Three Surprises
G. Ron just wants to play in the snow. Too bad Malfoy beat him to it.

The Way Things Are
R. Things just didn't happen the way Draco had imagined.

Weasley is our King
PG. Ron didn't have much to be proud of.

What Mission?
PG-13. Ron can't help it if Draco is hiding out in the girls' bathroom. What else is he supposed to do?


The Missing Piece
NC-17. All Scorpius wants is a little attention, but Draco doesn't seem to notice him anymore.

Never Going Home
R. Sometimes it's impossible to cope with death.


The Importance of Condoms
NC-17. Hugo feels the need to use a condom, but he's not really sure what it's for.

Truth or Dare
PG. Hugo manages to get Scorpius to play a little game of Truth or Dare with him.


Punishment and Reward
NC-17. Draco's made a mess again. It's up to Harry to take care of him.

PG. A walk through all seven books from Draco's perspective.


By the Light of the Moon
PG. It's their last night in Gryffindor Tower and Seamus can't sleep. (Harry/Seamus)

R. Draco doesn't like Cedric. (Cedric/Draco, Bellatrix/Draco, Tom Riddle/Draco)

Public Example
NC-17. After the war, McGonagall takes control of Hogwarts and she has no tolerance for bad behavior. (Mcgonagall/Draco)

PG-13. Tonks is feeling unusually depressed after the birth of her and Draco's baby. (Draco/Tonks)

Switching Roles
PG. Lee's in love with Fred. (Lee/George)


Order of the Perverts: Fifth Movie Dinner Scene-- Unrated written with [livejournal.com profile] 99redwaffles.
PG-13. Dinner at the House of Black becomes a little awkward. This is how it really happened. (Implied Sirius/Lupin, plus a surprise pairing)

Draco: The Titillating Tale of a Virginal Man-Slut ;) written with [livejournal.com profile] la_dissonance.
NC-58. Or NC-61, depending on your jurisdiction. Ron and Draco had sex a lot, because they really liked it. Intentional badfic. (Ron/Draco)

Terror at Malfoy Manor written with [livejournal.com profile] 99redwaffles.
PG. Ron and Draco decide to go camping... with horrifying results. Crack!fic. (Ron/Draco)


Virginity is for Virgins
NC-42. Bella is tired of being a virgin and there's nothing Edward can do about it!!!!!!1 Intentional badfic.


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