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Birthdate:Jun 21
Location:United States of America
Website:My LJ


I'm 18, in college, and probably majoring in art.

I'm nicer online than I am in person. It's really easy to thoroughly piss me off and not so easy to make me like you again. I randomly decide I hate people. I'm a grammar nazi and I'll shamelessly judge you based on your ability to spell. I don't trust people easily. I hate when people don't respond to messages.

I love reading, writing, drawing, and generally being creative. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter: Specifically Ron/Draco. If you're not an R/D shipper, you probably will be if you spend any time on my flist.

My sister is [profile] 99redwaffles. You should go say hi.

All of my fandomy stuff is here: [profile] deathnibbler_ff.

name confusion

I started writing under the name Freddie and my sister was writing under the name Georgia (because we're the Other Weasley Twins. Get it? Haa...) but then it got annoying and confusing, especially since everywhere else says that my name is Sarah. So basically, you can call me whatever you want: Freddie, Sarah, Random Pancake Person, etc. It doesn't really matter. And sorry if this has caused any confusion. No one probably cares, but I thought I should clear that up anyway. :D

friend requests

My journal is friends only because I don't want random stalkers reading about my personal life. Add me if you want, but I won't add you back unless I'm familiar with you in fandom or if you commented on my friends only post.


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